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Friends & Sponsors

The Southern California Brass Consortium gratefully acknowledges the following friends and corporate sponsors for their support:


Community Action Team (CAT),
Experian PLC
Gazette Newspapers (
j.w. Goodson's Salon and Tanning
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission
Speaker Works, Orange, CA

CONDUCTOR'S CIRCLE ($5,000.00 and above, yearly donation):

Marc Lussier and Jair Jimenez

DIAMOND ($1,000.00-$4,999.99, yearly donation):

Dr. Martha Baker-Jordan (in memory of Durand A.S. Baker)
Carmen and Kathy Coduti
Robert Kerstein
Joanne Lester
John and Lori Loftus
The Malig Family
Helene A. Mirich-Spear
Stephen Spiegel
Ron Sylvester
Madison Walsh

PLATINUM ($500.00-$999.99, yearly donation):

John E. Ashbrook
David Bunker
C. Leonard Coduti
Philip M. Fagan
Helen A. Haig
Patrick J. Fisher
The Peterson Family
The Richter Family
Hector Salazar
Dr. Dane Teter

GOLD ($100.00-$499.99, yearly donation):

Barbara J. Arms
Daniel W. Ashbrook
Michael and Genise Battaglia
Harry and Pinio Benetatos
Jerry Byrd
Harold Chancellor
Gordon Cohn
James and Janice Dickson
The Fiacco Family
Rossano Galante
Brian R. Goss
Joe Gustaff
Rusty and Georgia Higgins
Nanette Hontiveros
Alexander and Gwendolyn Howard
Christopher Job
Robert Kennedy and Lori Shapiro
Christine S. Lopez
Robert Mell
Jeanette Moon
The Morris Family
Bob and Genie Newell
Steve Nichols
Jack Palmer
The Prichard Pearce Family
Devin and Michelle Pense
Mr. and Mrs. David Ploen
Stephen Pruitt and Kirsten Larsen
Kyle Robinson
Cynthia A. Saxon
Bob Shetland
Bruce Spain
Torres and Ester Tansobing
Richard and Shahrnaz Terrell
Lucille Thompson
Robert and Janice Tukua
Henri Venanzi
Bob and Ellen Vleerick
Phillip and Ellisha Westin
Loren and Joan Woodson

SILVER ($50.00-$99.99, yearly donation):

Fred and Karen Barkis
William Bing
Victoria Carr
Robert A. Castle
Connor Frenn
Nancy M. Higginson
Jeralyn Lambourne
Dr. and Mrs. Craig H. Leonard
The Runnels Family
Charles and Ruth Vorbach
Diane E. Yglecias

BRONZE ($25.00-$49.99, yearly donation):

Mari Haig
Craig and Donna Milliron


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